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AW Viljoen

Since I've been a child I always knew that I wanted to be in the bush,,,not only in the bush, but part of the bush!

In 1989 I was born in South Africa, but my family and I moved to Namibia when I was only one year old. Being the only son between three daughters, I would say I had my fair share of struggles in life! In the years to come my family bought a farm not far from Etosha National Park where I spent most of my weekends and school holidays hunting small game and birds. It was my own little paradise!

I went back to South Africa in 2006 to finish High School in Pretoria. It was awful to know that I could not escape to my Utopia, but still I was more determined than ever to fulfill my dreams of becoming a Professional Hunter and to spend my days underneath the African sky....

In 2009 I started studying Nature Conservation in Pretoria at the Centurion Academy, during which I started my journey to success. In 2011 I started working at a game farm, just outside of my hometown, Outjo.

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