The Hunt

The main hunting area is situated about 15km north of Outjo, a mere 3-and-a-half-hour drive from the capital, Windhoek. This area plays host to 30 huntable species of game, on nearly 40 000 hectares of bushveld.

(Add map of central Nam – Windhoek to Outjo)

Hunting season begins on the 1 st of February and end on the 30 th of November. Peak hunting season being April to October. We recommend 7 hunting days for plains game and a minimum of 14 days for dangerous game.

Our eco-friendly main tented camp is rustic, yet comfortable, tucked underneath lush Mopani trees. These tents feature an en-suite bathroom, including flush toilets and hot showers. At night dinners are enjoyed under the African night skies, after enjoying a refreshing beverage around the crackling bonfire.

During winter, May to August, days are quite pleasant, but evenings can get quite chilly, be sure to pack something warm and remember sunscreen!

Outjo is a low-risk malaria area and it is not a requirement to take pre-cautionary malaria medications, but it ultimately remains the client’s own choice.

No additional vaccinations are required to enter Namibia but check with travel agents when traveling through other African countries.


Smallest calibre 7 mm.

Minimum energy (Eo - muzzle velocity): 1350 Joule for springbuck, duiker etc.

2700 Joule for hartebeest, wildebeest, kudu, gemsbuck, eland etc.

5400 Joule for buffalo, elephant, rhino etc.

No solid point cartridge is allowed to be used on antelope or any other species.

Fully automatic weapons (e.g. AK 47 and other military hardware) are PROHIBITED.

Other self-loading, considered semi-automatic weapons are NOT PROHIBITED, but you can expect questions at the Airport of importation.

Handguns and automatic weapons are prohibited!

Bow hunting

A Hunting Guide, Master Hunting Guide or Professional Hunter with additional qualifications for bow hunting must guide trophy hunters. Bow-hunting for trophies may only take place on game farms and areas which are registered for this purpose with the Ministry of Environment and Tourism. Hunting permits for various game species must be organized by the outfitter.

Bow energy is specified as follows:

Small Game -25 ft/lb

Medium Game -40 ft/lb

Large Game -65 ft/lb.

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